Friday, September 23, 2016

Join Scouts!

We had a 100% sign up rate last night!  I'm absolutely floored, so thank you to everyone who came out to Hutchison.

We will be out at St. Timothy's this Sunday between 10:30 and 11:30 or so to answer questions and sign up anyone there who'd like to register.

Our next full Join Scouting Night will be at McNair Elementary, in the Cafeteria (please use the back door) on Thursday September 29th from 6pm to 8pm.

We will of course have registration forms available, but if you prefer to be prepared ahead of time, you can download .pdf versions of the registration forms here.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Join Scouting Night is at Hutchison Tonight!!

6-8pm in the Cafeteria!  Please use Door number 8, on the right side of the school, farthest from Elden Street.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What does the $85 registration fee pay for?

Here's a general breakdown of what we would likely pay out for you and your son's first year with us:

Tigers, Wolves, Bears    $109.22
All earned belt loops $1.39 (7+) and patches $1.99
neckerchiefs $9
class b uniform: T-Shirt $15  Hat $15
Pinewood Derby Car  $4.00
Raingutter Regatta Boat $5.50
District/Council/National registration  $32
Boys Life Magazine $16
Insurance $1 per person (Child or adult)

Lions    $96.99
Earned Lion Patch $1.99
Lion uniform: T-Shirt $10  Hat $10
Parent T-Shirt (pack class B uniform Tshirt) $15
Lion Scout and Partner Handbooks $10
District/Council/National registration  $32
Boys Life Magazine $16
Insurance $1 per person (Child or adult)

Webelos   $113.72
All earned pins $1.89 (7+) and patches $1.99
neckerchiefs $10
class b uniform: T-Shirt $15  Hat $15
Pinewood Derby Car  $4.00
Raingutter Regatta Boat $5.50
District/Council/National registration  $32
Boys Life Magazine $16
Insurance $1 per person (Child or adult)

Now, none of this takes into account: the fees for campsites (at $120 per night), the food for camping, or the Blue and Gold Banquet, (which we usually try to have catered), any of the program materials that get purchased for the adventures, or parking reimbursement for those field trips that would require it.

By the way, we are in fact looking for a Treasurer!  Would you like to volunteer?  

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why Scouting?

This mom gives you 7 reasons why...

Who knows better than a Scout parent why other parents should consider Scouting for their sons? In the case of mom blogger and Scout mom Scarlet of Family Focus Blog, the commonly known adage “mother knows best” rings true as she describes her family’s meaningful experiences in the program. 
boy-scouts-leonardo-paolicchi“As a parent of a 9-year-old boy, I am always on the lookout for fun activities for boys,” Scarlet explains on her blog. “That is one of the reasons I love Boy Scouts of America. Their Cub Scout division makes it easy for me to find fun activities to do with my son. They are always having some fun event planned where we go fishing, or camping, or where the den meets to learn new things. What is even better is not only do they take the work out of finding and planning fun activities to do with my son, but I also enjoy knowing that these activities build skills and character.”
Ask any Scout parent about the program and they could round up countless reasons to get involved in Scouting, but Scarlet compiles 7 of her personal favorite reasons and highlights how much she appreciates the character-building and family-welcoming environment Scouting provides.
  1. Trying new activities – Scarlet loves that Scouting gives her son opportunities to experience new activities he might not otherwise explore. “There is always a new fun activity and usually they come along with life lessons that they learn while they are having a great time,” she shared.
  2. Learning new skills – Honing new abilities is one of the many benefits of joining Scouting that prepares youth for life. Last year, Scarlet says her Bear Cub son learned how to safely handle a pocket knife and earned his Cub Scout Whittling Chip award.
  3. Selling popcorn – “I am totally impressed with the way Boy Scouts do their annual popcorn sales,” Scarlet said. “It is such a great way for boys to build self-confidence, learn manners, and reinforce ethical standards.” She also really appreciates how selling popcorn teaches him how to interact with adults in a more professional
  4. Serving others – Scarlet says her son feels good when he’s helping others and had the opportunity to serve food and socialize with the homeless during a recent service project.
  5. Earning awards and recognition – It is great for boys to be able to earn adventure loops and/or pins for learning and doing,” she explained. “But they also don’t have to feel pressured and they can go at their own rate.”
  6. Scouting welcomes families! – Scarlet enjoys how Scouting involves the whole family. Instead of just dropping her son off at outtings, she feels welcome to take part in activities and watch her son learn and grow with his friends.
  7. New lion program – Scarlet’s son joined Scouting the first chance he got in first grade, but now, she says joining at an earlier age is even easier than before with the introduction of the lion pilot program for kindergarten-age boys.
The mom blogger encourages parents to consider Scouting as an excellent opportunity to set the foundation for character development and skills, and have fun in the process.
Share this post with your friends and families not in Scouting to showcase some of the many reasons why joining Scouting is a lifelong investment into their sons’ futures. What reasons to join Scouting would you add to Scarlet’s list? Share them in the comments below and head toFamily Focus Blog for Scarlet’s complete story.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Are we ready?! I'm not!

So we've been sitting here trying to figure out some things for this year...not the least of which is the leadership situation.  If you haven't heard us mention it before, we need more leaders.  Part of the issue - most of the issue is that our pack is SO small, that there simply aren't enough parents able to volunteer.  We would have to have a 90-100% volunteer rate in order to fill every position needed.  But we don't have that, so we limp along, and do what we can.  Right now, I am focused on recruitment, because the more boys we recruit, obviously, the bigger the volunteer pool we can pull from. But in the interim, I'm asking that anyone with some time and some scouting experience please consider taking on a program leadership role for us this year and maybe next.

There is a great new program that the National Capital Area Council has agreed to allow us to pilot this year - the Lions.  The Lions will be set up as dens of no more than five pairs of Kindergarten boys and their Adult Partner.  This program should help do two things: groom more parents for leadership roles down the line, and get boys signed up and into the Scouts earlier, before they've committed to other sports, so hopefully there will be less of a scramble every year.

Sounds great, you say!  Me too, I thought this would be fantastic, JUST what we need here at Pack 156.  Except the irony - did I mention the irony?  No?  Hmm.  Yeah, well, so the thing is, since it's a Pilot Program, there are VERY specific rules.  Very. Specific. RULES.  The Lion Guide (what would be the Den Leader in any other Den) MUST be an experienced senior scout leadership veteran.  Have I mentioned how hard it is for us to find Den Leaders?  We had a good year last year, and got all of the dens that we had boys in covered.  But we lost one over the summer, they moved to another area unexpectedly.  So that leaves us going into this year with three, THREE leaders who would meet the criteria for a Lion Guide.  Those three leaders, Matt, Leanne and Chris were already going to be stretched too thin covering the FOUR dens we have boys for in addition to Matt's Cub Master duties.
Oh, but wait...there's more.  The Lion Guide absolutely can NOT be doubled up with any other role.  So, again, if you've been a leader before, and wouldn't mind wrangling up to five adults and their Kindergarteners about twice a month for us, we'd REALLY appreciate it if you could commit at least this year and maybe next year to us, we would be ever so grateful...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Family Campout!

Our Fall family overnight campout is on the Calendar for Saturday October 24th at noon.  We'll be at a campground in Fairfax County, details will be on the flyers distributed at the meetings.

Your whole family is welcome, the more the merrier (up to our 35 body limit for overnighting in the campsite).

You'll need a tent, sleeping bags, personal items, pjs and a change of clothes.  Sturdy sneakers or hiking boots are preferred.  Let us know if you don't have a tent or sleeping bags, we have a couple of extras in the pack...

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Popcorn Booths

So, yes, Autumn is the the busiest time of year for the pack - I swear it gets better after November, but until then, we'll likely have something to do on what will seem like every weekend.

Currently Scheduled Popcorn Booths are:
Saturday October 3rd at the Giant on Elden
Saturday October 10th at the Giant on Elden.
Sunday November 15th at the Lowe's on Metrotech Drive in Chantilly

We are planning to take the boys out into the neighborhood on Saturday November 21st for door to door sales.  If the weather is horrible, we do have booth time scheduled that day at Lowe's in Chantilly.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Join Scouting Night!

Get ready, the first Join Scouting Night of Autumn is right around the corner!  Come on out on Wednesday night September 30th at Hutchison Elementary in the cafeteria, from 7 to 8pm.  We'll have out the Pinewood Derby track, the Raingutter Regatta track, and more!  Come see what we're about and who we at Pack 156 are.

Our Second Join Scouting Night will be hosted in McNair Elementary's Cafeteria on Friday October 16th from 7 to 8pm.

This year we will be meeting every Wednesday, at either Hutchison or McNair, Check the calendar for the locations for any particular date.